Monday, January 23, 2012

Baboons Kidnap and Raise Feral Dogs

Watch the video? Jot down your immediate feelings... now take a moment to reflect up on them as you ask yourself, how different is what Humans have done to what Baboons are doing? When I first saw this video, immediately I felt sadness, not because the little puppy was getting dragged around by its tail... not because the Baboons were separating the puppies from their litter mates and their parents... I was sad, because I saw the human race in the Baboon. It hurt... it hurt because we have done no different. And then I took a moment to clear up my mind and free it of emotion, so that I could think this through more objectively and scientifically. I found it really hard to part with the emotion... and then it dawned on me, you know there is only one way for us to learn our lessons in life and what we have done for the animal kingdom... If we were forced to survive amongst Baboons, and primates, if they took over and we had to learn to live with them, it would be the only way to teach mankind how to coexist with other inhabitants in this world, because power, force and dominance would not work.

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