Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choosing the right puppy

Its kind of like choosing the right life partner isn't it? Of course, looks come first... then personality. Well, unfortunately, this is the case for many relationships and although sometimes they work out just fine, most of the time looks grow old very fast. And its no different when people are in the market of looking for a puppy or dog. The evolution of "shopping for a dog" has grown with our style, and now by a click of the mouse, we can scroll over thousands and thousands of images of dogs in need of homes. What melts our hearts? Their story or their looks? Of course, their stories always get us... but the shift from the awww feeling to "oh my god, that is my dog!!!!" What is that based on for you? Over the years, and after having the greatest privilege of working with so many types of dogs with such varying personalities and temperament... my definition for cute 100% correlates to the temperament of a dog. A good tempered dog does not mean an obedient dog for me, but a dog that is so sound, so sturdy, so adaptable.... a dog that speaks dog. For others, cute may be defined by the dogs physical characteristics... and that is fine as well. However, when choosing the right dog for your family, I think we need to seek beyond physical traits. Key things to consider, however you prioritize this list, are: - Energy level - A dog's needs such as: medical, physical, nutritional, grooming - The family's lifestyle: How many hours a day can you solely dedicate to the welfare and wellbeing of your dog - Your home: do you live in a high rise? Apartment? Do you have access to a fenced in yard? Do you have neighbors? - Financial capability: Dogs can live long lives, some up to 20 years... can you afford to have the pet that long? - Travel: How often? Boarding fees, pet sitting fees, or can you take the dog with you? - Of course, attraction! When you spend the time analyzing the above, the type of dog will automatically come to you. It is such a self reflective process as well... and you will learn a lot about yourself... it sometimes is a very healing process. For many, impulse takes over sense and the aftermath follows. This can be easily prevented by a pause and brief thought... remember its not your life you affects, but it is a life you affect.

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