Monday, February 27, 2012

Building Balance, like planking we call it MARKING

Balance, confidence, stability, trust and play are Doglando's guiding principles. In all our classes, and especially Doglando's PRE K9, we strive to achieve all those principles in every dog, through exposure of different objects, environments and stimulus of all five senses. We are challenging our current PRE K9 class to have their dog balance or stand on different objects within our environment, objects that are not commonly found or things that the dog would be used to standing or sitting on. They are to find 5 things and have their dogs stand or sit on, and they must provide photos of their dog up on those objects. We are trying to create a planking effect for puppy hood, we're going to call it Marking. Today, in our BS level class, Duncan demonstrated his confidence and balance to stand up on a cement ball at UCF. Here he is:
While searching for photos of dogs on different objects, I came across Maddie the Coonhound. Check out Maddie Marking.
Take photos of your dog Marking and share them with us. Let us create a movement for more stabled, balanced, confident, trusting, playful dogs! Mark with Doglando.

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