Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Con't Dr. Jane Goodall

WILD THOUGHT.... Human nature is heavily centered around mimicing... we don't realize this, because much of the way we talk or act, the manner in which we express ourselves are based on those we are around most, and done at a subconscious state. Through out her talk, I was constantly drawn to Dr. Jane Goodall's hands... occaissionaly raising my gaze to her face, watching the movement of her lips and her mouth. I know this sounds really crazy, but its very much ingrained in me, and something that Nim thinks is a flaw, but I love watching people talk, more than hearing them talk. Anyway, so I thought to myself, my god! Has anyone done a study on people like Dr. Jane Goodall... her character, disposition, behavior, movment of lips, and especially hand gestures were so similar to the way the chimps behave. Could this be true? Maybe its just my imagination... but having been around Chimps while growing up in Kenya, I could not help but notice the similarities in her gestures. Maybe she meant them intentionally.
She was sharing her favorite tree, a 200 year old English Oak Tree... grown from a small acorn... and she held up her hand describing the size of the acorn... using her thumb and index finger... but the resemblence of the manner she used her hand depicted a hand of a chimp, is this a wild thought? Well how could it be? In my own setting, people I am surrounded by on a every day basis, I see the similarities in which they behave, talk, use of words, style of communication. For example, two individuals who have worked very closely together have learned to use the same tone of voice and slang dialect when asking a question to each other. Have you ever been in a room and someone yawns and then you yawn, but what about when someone yawns and then covers their mouth with their fingers while tapping their fingers on their mouth, have you seen this rub off on the next person that yawns? I have.... heck its happened to me... I normally would not tap my mouth after a yawn, but caught myself doing that in that particular instance. Is it possible that there is resemblance in this subconscious language... body language?
Okay enough of that I guess, maybe its just me... but I think there should be a study done on Dr. Jane Goodall's mannerisms, and we will find just how similar we are to chimps, and how quickly if they were who we spent most of our time around, then we would learn to communicate with them in this subconscious way...

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