Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Doglando, To Kids in India

The University of Doglando and Groom Grub & Belly Rub donated $450 to feed three schools in a remote village in India. The village, called Bandhani is a very rural town, with very limited resources. The schools there are Government Funded, providing to villagers and residents that live in the Slums of Bandhani. Many of these kids live below our standards of poverty and they do not receive meals in schools unless through donations such as the ones we made. On Tuesday March 20th, Nim's parents (My in-laws) spent the day visiting the kids in these schools, and in appreciation for what we have been able to make of our lives, and the success of business, support from our clients and love from our families, they organized a lunch feeding for 750 kids. Choosing the caterer was also very important to us. We wanted to support someone who was working hard trying to make ends meet.... a very small business, but one with a big heart. The caterer did not have enough dishes to support the number of kids we were feeding.... so the teachers at the schools had asked the kids to bring their own plates and bowls on the day of. In the photos you will see the size of the line wrapping behind a solid wall... and the kids waiting ever so patiently for their turn. In two of the photo's you will see Nim's mum in a yellow traditional Indian outfit, handing over the money to the caterer, while receiving a certification of appreciation (in our culture, a blessing) for the donor family. A small act of kindness, feeding the tummies of 750 children, a very full-filling deed.
Thank you Doglando and GGBR Clients for allowing us this opportunity.

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