Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Precautions For Pets

Summer is here, and especially for us Floridians, we must be very cautious of how the heat impacts our dogs. I see this on a daily basis... dogs lifting up their paws rapidly, or trying to pull even harder to get off the burning grounds, and little do we realize just how hot the side walks are. Today, while at the shelter, I saw a dog indicating "paws on fire" while being taken out to go potty in the play yard that is covered with synthetic turf. Did you know synthetic turf can be 20degrees hotter than natural turf. When taking your dogs out on a walk, try and go out during early mornings and after the sun has set in the evenings. Keep your dog on the grass as much as possible, avoiding pavements and sidewalks. There ares some great cooling products out there, such as cooling vests and dog boots... Groom Grub and Belly Rub in Avalon Park has a great selection of seasonal products for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Keep your pets hydrated, carry water with you at all times. Regulate your dogs body temperature by keeping them cool... misters work great, or even hose your dog off after every walk. Moisturize your dogs paws through out the summer months. For those dogs that live in extreme winters, you should do this for your dogs during winter also. Moisturizing helps prevents cracking or peeling of paw pads. You can use Musher's Secret or Vaseline. Rubbing Alcohol is the fastest way to reduce a dogs temperature. Soak alcohol in cotton balls, and place cotton balls in-between paw pads and in ears. Refer to our previous blog on heat strokes for information on how to handle a dog suffering from heat stroke. Do dogs paw pads burn? YES! Dogs can develop blisters and sores as a result of these burns and it is very painful. In an attempt to alleviate that pain, many dogs will lick their paws, which further complicates the healing process... so practice caution and prevent this from happening.

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