Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your paw prints will forever be left in our hearts

Our beloved Hummer, is no longer here... we knew the time was nearing, but hoped it was still further out of reach just for a bit longer... He was one of our first Dogs at Doglando, he was one of our "fathers" that's what I often called him... he was strong, he was handsome, he was turning grey, but that was only in the color of his hair we thought... until a month ago when we learned he had Cancer. He went through surgery, recovered quite quickly and was back at Doglando, where he loved to be. His family knew they were out of options, but the one option they were not out of was to provide him with the opportunity to play and be where he loved to be... it was a matter of choice.... quality over quantity... and they choose quality of life. He leaves with us such joyous and spirited memories, for that we are very grateful... we did not seem him suffer, and for that we are even more grateful. He and his brothers Jaws and Leggs, have spent countless nights with us, many of them actually with me at home... snuggled in our bed. He spoke with his mouth, and carried anything he could... especially when he wanted something or when he was super excited. He would come and grab my hand ever so gently asking me to go with him, of course I would follow... he wanted me to open the sliding glass door where he could lay out in the sun and watch everyone go by. On his days at Doglando, he would joyously run in and make himself known... and when mum or dad came to pick him up, he had tons to share. But never did he leave without taking something from the shop, it was just Hummer Style out. And this I will miss most... giving him a deer antler to take home, and one each for his brothers as well. He hated his photos being taken, he could spot the camera from miles away. He knew when the camera was pointed towards him, and when it was not... I have yet to figure this one out. We have great shots of his back end, and very few of his front... I often felt I invaded him when I would sneak in a great shot... then he looked at me as though to politely say "that was rude." He helped us assess new dogs coming in, he had quite the style... and it worked so well. ... he was so humble, so gentle, so great, so fun, so grey, so spoiled, so loved by all. We already feel a void... he was our own. His paw prints will forever be left in our hearts. Thank you Goldberg Family for allowing us to share this wonderful dog with you. We are going to plant a tree in memory of Hummer on Thursday May 3rd at 10am. Thursdays was his day...

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