Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camp Doglando Session 1, Day 1

Today was the start of the first of three sessions for Camp Doglando, 2012 and the day began strong and solid with a total of 11 campers. Many of our session 1 campers are graduates of last years camp, the enthusiasm was so great to be part off... it was a great day. This year, we added to our camp, by opening up one position for a Jr Journalist/Videographer position. This camper will shadow Dean; Doglando's Creative Designer and Dogumentarian. Her job is to take photos and videos of the campers through out the course, and to tell the story of Camp Doglando through a compilation of these images. We can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for us. The remaining 10 campers spent the first part of the day learning about the acquisition of a companion dog, followed by a field trip to a pet shop, and the the SPCA of Central Florida and Orange County Animal Services. To their surprise, after a saddening tour of both shelters, they leaped in joy when they found out we were leaving Orange County Animal Services with 5 dogs. The rest if the dogs awaited us at Doglando, where the youths selected their shelter dogs to train over the next two weeks. Striking story from today: We were talking about pet shops, prior to our fields trips this morning, and I asked what is the difference between a breeder and a pet store. One of the campers said, "Pet stores are like a supermarket, you get things in volume." I have never heard of such an analogy, and thought wow, isn't that crazy. How true is that? At the supermarket, we might not find things that are healthiest, but everything is certainly presented shiny and waxy, and things appear to be quite fresh... we have little idea though the preservatives contained in these items to increase their longevity. At supermarkets, we will find things in abundance. We may buy things based on our mood, or how delicious something looks. And, behind the scenes, things arrive in "shipments" and in "boxes" and produce arrives "very young and immature." How is this different that the arrival of a puppy at pet shops. Products sold at supermarkets are manufacture in bulk, quantity over quality, in as fast of a time period as possible, with the least amount of risk to the producer. It may not be the healthiest way to make it, but its most efficient, most productive, and most profitable... its what you get when you shop at a supermarket. Well how is this different than a pet shop? I was struck by this analogy, and lingered on in my thoughts through out the day... how come no body else has ever come up with this? Its because it takes a child to say it, and an adult to hear it and care enough to make sense of it. Its a simple thought, and once again, with a powerful meaning. Pet shops are like supermarkets, you're right!

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