Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guinea Pig Training Camp

What! A Guinea Pig Training Camp? Yes! How fun right! What does this have to do with dog training you ask? Actually a lot. Working with different animals over the years, from birds, ferrets, chickens to dogs, I have learned a lot about animal behavior and training. All animals are capable of learning... learning is a skill needed for survival. In learning to train different animals, it has given me the tools to learn how to most efficiently and kindly train dogs. Although the principles of learning may not vary from animal to animal, your skill as a trainer certainly does.
For example, I did not realize just how forgiving dogs are until I went to a chicken training workshop and trained Chickens. When I worked with the birds at the Texas State Fair, I also did not realize until then, how different they were from my experiences in training a chicken. While it is a lot of fun training different species, it is enlightening to see just how forceful, unfair, unkind and impractical we are when it comes to training dogs. Dogs are at the mercy of our mood, emotions, unscientific opinions and difference in opinions and so much more. They are one of the most forgiving animals, eager to learn, eager to please and eager to coexist with mankind, but we don't know how. Join us for the first of its kind, Guinea Pig Training Camp, by Dr. Roger Abrantes. This camp is open to all, trainers, non-trainers and anyone interested in learning how to teach animals. The Guinea Pigs Each team of three students will have a guinea pig to train, a training box, agility obstacles, food treats and a whistle (or clicker). Each student within a team will take turns to be trainer, observer and camera operator. The trainer trains, the observer registers the session and ensures it follows the previously designed POA (Plan Of Action), and the camera operator films the session. Since all three will follow a carefully designed plan, there is no problem in taking turns at training the same guinea pig. The team’s training will be mostly consistent but, should small variations occur, we will regard them as a bonus and an opportunity to compare factors that may influence training. That’s why all the sessions are filmed.
For more information on the Guinea Pig Training Camp, visit us at or call 407-574-3160. Dates: Sessions 1: April 4-7, 2013 Sessions 2: April 25-28, 2013 Cost: $495 per person (additional $9 per lunch optional) Limit: 30 participants per session

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