Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doglympics 2013: What a Blast!


What a great turnout at this years Doglympics.

Many of you enjoyed seeing the power and capability of dogs in our demos:  Bloodhound Tracking, Agility, Service Dog, Schutzhund and Bed Bug Detection.

Others were just happy to be in the ring and showcase their pup and have fun.  Peanut Butter Lick, Longest Stay, Doggie Dash, Musical Chairs, Potato Sack Race, Wiener Races were just a few that people raved about.

One of our secret weapons was Lure coursing.  Rarely anyone has tried it before the event and they did not know what to expect.  dog was off leash in unfenced area chasing a lure surrounded by hundreds of other dogs.  But when that plastic bags starting goin, there was nothing else in the world hat mattered for these dogs.  Parents were proud, dogs excited with their purpose for the day fulfilled.

We had over 20 vendors and 15 rescues on site:  From dog food to fashion accesories, there was something there to spark everyones interest.

Here are the link for some more photos:
Doglympics FB Page
Doglando Foundation FB Page
Thomas Pitera Photography

Check out all the videos from Doglympics by following this link!

Thank you and we are looking forward to 2014.  
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