Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camp Doglando S1: Monday W2

Hi Honorary Campers,

TGIM: start of a brand new week, new beginning and the introduction of a new dog.  Diamond, our PRBJ dog was heartworm positive and was unable to handle swimming and long walks.  That is where Charlie comes in.  A playful Collie mix, the perfect match for Calista.

We started the day with gate exercises and cradling. 

Around 9:30 we were ready to head to Orange County Public Library where we participated in an amazing scavenger hunt. 

We crossed Colonial and had lunch and some sweet ice cream at Twisty Treat.
Upon our return to Doglando we sparked some creativity with painting before we jumped back into training.
We worked on offleash recall and bed exercises.

 To finish the day we went outside and played with the dogs. 

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