Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Camp Doglando S1: Monday

Welcome Campers,

It's opening day of Camp Doglando session 1, the first of three sessions. What a grand day it was today with all 11 campers and 10 dogs.

A wonderful group of kids, I'm not sure who's supposed to be inspiring who....

I am not at all a Television person, but National Geographic ought to pick up Camp Doglando as a show!

We started off with introducing ourselves and setting expectations for the camp.  We visited the daycare dogs and gone over the chores.  Then we were off to our first field trip.   

 We visited Petland, SPCA and Orange County Animal Services.  Upon our return back to Doglando the Campers had a debate over where the dogs should be acquired from.  Then, finally, we met the dogs.  Kids spent some time playing and handling each one and then it was time to pick.

After picking the dogs each campers spent some time bonding with the dog.

This sessions will be amazing and the progress will be trmendous.  What a great group of both kids and dogs.

Stay tuned for daily updates.


Teena, Summer and Dean


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very busy and productive day. This is such a great experience that I wish I could be a child again for a couple of weeks. Have fun everyone!

Anonymous said...

What a cool way to learn about dog care.