Friday, July 5, 2013

Camp Doglando S2: Friday

Hi Honorary Campers,

After all the fun yesterday, today we had to focus on training.

We had a visit from Orlando magazine who interviewed the kids about the Camp.

We tried to engage those gray cells and stir up some creativity by asking the kids to write poems about their dogs.

This would not be a summer camp without going into the water.

Since the kids were doing so well and the dogs were exhausted from the pool we took the kids only to lunch at the Broadway Pizzeria.  

Now, back at Doglando, and the dogs rejuvenated we jumped back into training.  We introduced downs.  
 It would not be the Doglando way if we did not have any structured play. 
Have a great weekend,

Your counselors,
Teena, Summer and Casey

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