Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get to Know a Dog Day: Mateo and Parker

Today's Get to Know a Dog Day post stems from the video shown below:

Two Doglando dog's have been known to do similar things…

          Mateo                                                      Parker

1. Mateo:  While owner Jennie Schwartz was busy mingling with other dog owners at the Avalon Park Dog Park, Mateo took the opportunity to dash out and head straight for Publix across the streets (at the carelessness of another dog owner trying to come in through the dog park gates.) I don't know if it was the delicious smell of the rotisserie chicken that had Mateo's mouth watering, or the soup bones his mum buys from there, but he was found hanging out in the Meat Department making new friends.

2. Parker:  Owner Jessica Garfield was on the way to the Lakemont Dog Park, (driving on Aloma) and passed by a Denny's. All of a sudden Parker, who loves sticking his head out the window, got the tingles in his nose and recognized a very familiar and favorite smell… the smell of bacon!  Just as they were passing by Dennys, Parker squeezed his body out the window, ran across two lanes of traffic, and straight through the open door to the hostess. Jessica, completely furious, nervous, scared, terrified, angry and all sorts of other mixed feelings, quickly pulled across two lanes of traffic in to the parking lot.  She ran in, and there was Parker making friends with the hostess, very politely sitting and waiting patiently for a table. Jessica was beyond amused. The manager then came out and said "Aww, would your doggie like a piece of bacon?" Jessica's response was "To reinforce what he just did…. NO!" It's safe to say that Parker won't be allowed to stick his head out the window anymore!

Has your dog (or a dog you know) every done something like this? We would love to hear about it in the comments section!



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Amazing amazing video, dogs are really very intelligent.
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