Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get To Know a Dog Day: Oakley

Today's dog comes all the way from North Carolina and we are very excited to have him here!

Meet Oakley!

Oakley's Story:

About 6 months ago me and my big ol' yellow Lab, Oakley, moved into a new house. A two story house at that, a new experience for an almost 4 year old lab. He had been in 2 story houses before but never lived in one. This caused great joy for the big dog. Running up and down, up and down the stairs all day. Well as we were unpacking Oakley went missing for a little big. I suddenly got suspicious. What was the big dog getting into Then I paused for a second and hear some familiar scratching of paws. I went into the spare bath and there he was, testing out the new shower and tub. My lab loves the water and just wanted to see how he fit in the new spare bath tub.

Here is another story about my "big." The former owners of my house had 2 lab mixes. Well the neighbor to the right of me has two Chihuahua's. One of the lab mixes used to run up and down the fence with the Chihuahua's. Well now that they're gone and Oakley has moved in.... the dogs next door are so confused but they figure hey he looks similar, maybe he will play the game. 6 Months later. Not so much. The little dogs just bark and run up and down the fence, and 95% of the time Oakley just sits there looking at them like they aren't worth his effort. Every once in a blue moon the big old lab gets a burst of energy and intrigue and runs like 2 laps along the fence with the Chihuahua's ...then he's done.

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- Teena

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