Friday, December 26, 2008

Pawduct of the Week: The Pet Top

Every Friday we will talk about one of Bark Ave's specialty dog products. Items will include dog food, accessories, treats, toys etc... That item will then be significantly discounted for anyone who wishes to purchase it that week. It will be the best deal on the web!

Today's Pawduct of the week: The Pet Top
Price: Retail $ 8.52
Our Price: 5.52 (Only Available This Week!)
Purchase The Pet Top Here

Seriously, why didn't I think of this?!? Ever see people trying to
give their dogs water from a water bottle? Well I was one of them. Now they have this really cool cap that you can place on top of almost any bottle, and it's like a dropper. The BEST part is that you can control the speed by twisting the top of the cap from the bottom base part.

I have two German Shepherds (Wyatt and Dax) and one Dachshund, so we really love it. Although the first time I used it, Tag (my Dachshund) was last for a drink, and ended up with a more of a splash lol.

Have you used this pawduct before? We would love to here about your experience with it in the comments section!

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