Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Darndest Things Dogs Do: Episode 1

At the University of Doglando, we give our students the freedom to be themselves. Whether its chilling on the beach, doing laps around the field, or napping all day, the opportunities are endless here at the U of D. 

Today, the doggies felt like going fishin....


Do you have a funny video of your dog doing something wacky?
Send us the link and/or the video and you might just see your dog on the next episode of "The Darndest Things Dogs Do."


De's Chocolate Box said...

Well, I have to make a few comments on this great video!...I can see why my 4 pups love going to Doglando! Also, what a nice puddle....can't wait for that time of the year again! Teena, great BLOG and great idea of designatig a "topic/event" for the days of the week! Thanks for all you do! Denise Z.

Teena Patel said...

Thanks so much Denise! The dogs had so much fun with that puddle...they were there for over 2 hours! Anyways, Hope you have a nice holiday weekend and thanks for commenting!