Thursday, December 25, 2008

Doggy Tip Thursday: Taking treats politely

Working in an environment with other dogs can be very conducive to achieving positive behaviors fast. During day care at Doglando, dogs get "treat time" throughout the day. During treat time, all the dogs are called in and then expected to sit and wait patiently until either their name is called or the treat is presented to them. Any pushing, shoving, or leaning over is not allowed, and the dog is consequenced simply by that dog missing out on his/her treats. 

Even the least food motivated dog will begin to get really excited about treat time, just because everyone else is interested, and the dog who has no patience (does  not know how to sit, takes treats in an inappropriate manner, and pushes over other dogs), will learn in a matter of just a couple sessions, they they will not get anything. Of course, practice sessions (one on one) are helpful to the dog that does not understand the nature of the game; they will improve faster each time. 

Finally, it is essential that the handler understands how to present the food reward as well. If the food is presented with it pointing directly to the dog (for him/her to grab) you are enticing the dog to be rude and grab the food out of your hand. We always present the food covered by our fingers (food facing our body, fingers facing the dog) and wait for them to wait politely before we open our hands to give them the reward. 

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT for you and your dog. Have fun at it. 

Do you have a trick you want your dog to learn? Tell us about it here, and we might just show you how to do it on a future Doggy Tips Thursday!

Happy Holidays!

- Teena


De's Chocolate Box said...

We will do it like that also. I didn't know the pointing or even "throwing the treat" (you know, after eating Yoda goes directly to his bed, and the "after dinner dessert" treats...sometimes I just throw it to him...maybe that explains his not behaving during trat time (or does he over there?)!

Teena said...

@de's chocolate box
Yoda has actually become very good. He used to take the treat very rude from our hands.... but we have not had that episode in ages (I mean forever). He sits for his treats and actually waits for them... the problem child is Chiquie. You know her though, we will have to work on her terms, especially me and go slowly.

Bo is the funniest... poor bobo he just waits his turn so patiently and does not inch forward, make a peep, gets shoved over by the others, and even makes way for them. I never forget him just for that.

Sparkle and Scamper said...

I'm so glad that my two were behaving. I shouldn't be too surprised since there was food involved. Good jobs puppies you made momma proud.

Teena said...

lol..... they've got this drill down Terri!

And they take the treats ever so gently as well.... no fooling around and risking missing out on the treats with these guys.