Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terry Cuyler – Doglando Featured Blogger Bio

The University of Doglando is very excited to begin a new chapter in our blogging life. Much like doggie years we are growing up quickly and we wanted to invite some friends to the party. Over the next few posts we will be introducing you to the voices that will begin to appear on this site and how they contribute to the "dog business."

Pawsitive Results Dog Training | Terry CuylerOur first featured blogger is Pawsitive Results Dog Training owner and operator Terry Lynn Cuyler, the Paws Prof.

Terry has trained dogs at Central Florida's premier Best Paw Forward training center for 8 years, and has worked as an elementary school teacher for 20 years.

Terry is a Professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a Certified Pet Dog Trainer by the independent Council for the Certification of Pet Dog Trainers. She is also a member of the Central Florida Hunting Retriever Club and Co-training director of the Express Delivery Flyball Team.

Terry competes in the Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida annual tournament and volunteers a portion of her training time to benefit the dogs of Seminole County Animal Services, and to educate children about safe etiquette for meeting doggies.

Terry's canine students have been on TV, obtained hunting and obedience titles, visited schools, run flyball races and worked as models and most importantly; enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with their owners.

So please welcome Terry into the Doglando Blog play area with open arms and look for her first post to come very soon!

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