Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get to Know a Dog Day: Roxy

Being in the dog business, we always come across the sweetest puppies/dogs looking for a loving home. So about 3 months ago (before this blog was created), we were introduced to Roxy (one of the cutest Dachshunds we had ever seen). It broke our hearts knowing she didn't have a nice family to go home to, so we decided to reach out to our clients, family, friends, and anyone else we knew, in order to find this amazing dog a loving home with the perfect family.
Luckily, a few weeks later we received an email from Clay expressing interest in Roxy. 3 months later, Clay and his family couldn't be happier.


Below is Clay's story.

"In the first part of October, a friend forwarded me an email from Teena at Doglando, telling of a 10 month old female dachshund that needed a home. I had been wanting a dog for a while, but I did not want to go to a puppy mill.

So I dropped off my kids at school on Friday morning, without mentioning anything to them in case it didn't work out. When I got to Doglando, I saw her playing amongst all the "big dogs". All the dogs had pink ribbons on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and her ribbon was almost as big as she was!

I could tell right away she was very passive (which I wanted with the kids around), and a sweetheart! We seemed to get along pretty well, and I agreed to adopt her. When I showed up at the school, she took to the kids right away, as they did to her. The kids and I renamed her Roxy, and we have had to set rules to ensure even lap time for all of us with her.

We celebrated Roxy's first birthday over the holidays with my extended family, and they started to call her "Roxy with Moxie". She is bright, inquisitive, and confident. She also attempted to show my sister's Maltese who the top dog was, which is comical given her size. Roxy packs a lot of spunk into her 7.8 pounds! She makes me smile each time I come home, she can hardly contain her excitement. I am very thankful to have her. She has turned out to be the perfect dog for me and my family. Thank you, Teena, she is doing fantastically well!"



We couldn't be happier for Roxy, Clay, and his family. There are so many amazing dogs in the world looking to be adopted, and when we get the opportunity to bring dogs and families together, there is no better feeling.

That being said, if you ever know or hear of a dog looking for a home, send us an email and we would be glad to post it on our blog.

Every dog deserves a loving home and a great family.


LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Two Paws Up! We are 2 Maltese dogs and LoLLy was a rescue / adoptee herself, and we are so happy to be reading this story about Roxy that we are going to do the Two Paws Up! dance around the house for the negst hour. Yay, Roxy, Clay, and Doglando! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

doglando said...

Thanks Lulu and Lolly.... we look forward to learning more about you guys and cross sharing pet related info.

Thank you for adding us to your site, and welcome to our circle of friends.