Thursday, January 8, 2009

U of D Partners with Regal Cinemas and Hotel for Dogs!

The University of Doglando has just partnered with Regal Cinemas Waterford Lakes to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie: Hotel for Dogs

For the next 3 days we will be holding a contest for free tickets to go see Hotel For Dogs at Regal Cinemas Waterford Lakes. All you have to do to enter:

1) Follow Doglando on Twitter

2) Retweet your friends - Copy and Paste this into Twitter: 

Orlando Tweeters! @doglando is giving away tickets 2 the new movie Hotel For Dogs Comment 2 enter.

3) Leave a comment on with the following:

If you own a dog, have you ever utilized dog hotels for your dog when going on vacation? Why or why not?


(For non dog owners) What is your favorite dog movie?

Do those 3 steps to enter. (only one comment per person)

3 winners will be randomly selected to win 2 tickets to go see Hotel for Dogs at the Regal Cinemas in Waterford Lakes, as well as a Dog Toy and Doglando shirt from the University of Doglando.

Contest ends on 1/10/09 at 11:59pm, Winner is announced 1/11/09 at 3pm.

In conjunction with the partnership, here are some other things that are going on and how you and your dog can get involved. 

1.  Please visit: and check out all four legged characters.  If your dog looks like any one of       those... we would like to borrow them for the photo shoot on Saturday January 10 and Saturday January 17, 2009.

2.  We are taking our Wiener Dog Festival to Regal Cinemas at Waterford Lakes. The Wiener Dog Races will be held January 10, 2009 starting at 9:00 am.

3.  Starting now, Regal Cinemas is running a contest for Ugliest Dog and Cutest Dog.  Submit entries now till January 10th, 2009, by emailing us your dogs photos and the category you are entering for.  Winners must be present on January 17th premier.

4.  Don't miss this event.... the Central Florida Flying Disc and Dog club will be there putting on a fris bee show.  This is a glimpse into the Doglympics USA event on Feb 28 and March 1 weekend.

This will be a FUN FUN FUN event, with tons of pet contests, races, grrrrrrrrrrreat prizes and give-a-ways.




Tracey said...

For the most part, I leave my dog with my parents or close friends when I travel. However, on a long trip from NY to FL I searched the internet for dog-friendly hotels and found a few to be reasonably priced. Nice to have your dog with you when traveling if possible.

Carri said...

I'm not a dog person, really, but I'm a sucker for a "feel good" Movie. I think my favorite dog movie would have to be Benji. I must have seen it 50 times when I was a kid.

Jamie said...

I love all animals! My favorite dog movie is probably...The Adventures of Milo and Otis! =) I've seen previews for this movie and it looks very cute.

Anonymous said...

I've boarded my pup recently but only because family didn't want animals in the house. Plus, my friends had enough on their plates without have to look after a newly housebroken pup without fair warning and a slow introduction process. Now that Lily's housebroken and fully vocal about going outside, I may ask a friend or two if the need arises this year. I wouldn't board again without sterling referrals.

Sparkle and Scamper said...

We wish we could take our dogs with us when we go on trips, but that's not always possible. For short trips my mom will watch them, but when we go for longer trips they are lucky enough to stay at University of Doglando. They love it's their second home.

Sparkle and Scamper said...
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Scott Clous, chief Artist said...

I raise assistance dogs for people in wheelchairs, hearing, and seizures. The dogs, we are on #4 now, get to go everywhere with us, planes, trains, and hotels, as well as into the movies. We saw you guys at Marley and Me at Waterford last weekend. We'd love to get to go, thx.

doglando said...

Well I am not a movie person at all... I Know I Know! Can't tell you the last time I went to watch a movie, (because if I did, I fell asleep during the previews!)

BUT..... I am going to go watch Marley and Me, and Hotel For Dogs. Then I will let you know which one is my favorite.

doglando said...

I agree... finding a place to board your dog is a very difficult challenge. Not to brag about Doglando, but it is why we have created the best solution at Doglando.

But for those looking to travel with their dogs, here are two really cool resources. I was introduced to the second one recently by our visiting dog Auri, all the way from Columbia. His mum gave it to me as a present, and I have been going through it bit by bit... its really good if you do a lot of traveling with your dogs.