Thursday, January 8, 2009

Choosing the right nail clippers for your dog

Ever wonder what may be contributing to your dogs negative nail cutting experience? Aside from just a bad experience, rough handling, and cutting the quick, the type of nail clipper used can also contribute to that negative experience. 

Take a look at photo 1.  Notice the difference in thickness amongst the metal blades in both clippers. The thicker the blade the more painful it is on the dog…. Due to the pressure it will take to cut through the dogs nails. 

Even before you cut your dog’s nails, just as you align the right part of the nail to the blade and press down, you may notice your dog try to pull away.  He/she already feels the pressure! 

Also, the ergonomics of the handle and the spring is quite important too.  A handle that requires for you to put down more pressure, will be more painful to the dog. 

I would strongly recommend the scissor type nail cutter, like the one in photo number 2.  They are easy to use, quick and with a little squeeze, the dog’s nail is cut.


                Here is a great video on "How To Cut Your Dog's Nails"


What's your experience with cutting your dog's nails? Let us know about it in the comments section!


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