Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get to Know a Dog Day: Heidi and Maggie (Just Adopted!)

Meet Heidi and Maggie, two mini dachshunds that were dropped off at Doglando, by a neighbor to their previous home. These two girls were often found wondering the neighborhood, with little care or regard from their previous owner. The girls had made great friends with the kids in the neighborhood, that would call them each time they were found running loose, and then carry them back home. The kids, concerned about the safety of these two precious pups, learned to crack open one of the windows of the house, and each time they found them, they would call them and put them through the window, back into the house.

We later found out that the previous owner, is in the middle of a divorce (and now is in a relationship), and has no time to care for Maggie and Heidi. We also learned that they were fed hot dogs for the most part of their life. Learning to eat dog food, was the first lesson they learned during their first week at our house. They also were not updated on their vaccines, or on any preventatives... thanks to Jaine and Pet Rescue by Judy, they are now cleared on health and updated on vaccines.... plus micro chipped.

These two girls are unbelievable and such great dogs. They will make great companions to any home, with children, other dogs, elderly, or singles. They crave human attention, and let me just describe how much. I got them last Sunday afternoon, and by that night, they were following me around, off leash even outside. If I left them in the house, and went out to the car, I could hear them whining at the door.

I have spent the whole week working with them to develop trust in them that I will come back. They have be-friended all of our staff at Doglando, as well as my whole family. They sleep with us at night, one in between my feet, and the other on the outside of my feet.

Tag (our mini dachshund) has learned to be a dachshund all over again. He had forgotten how to act like one we would always joke since hes grown up in a household of two German Shepherds.

Heidie and Maggie are great fun dogs, and will make any home complete.... they care just fabulous.

To find out more info and see more pictures of Heidi and Maggie visit this site.

Also, If you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting these two girls, please send us an email and we will get back to you with more information.

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