Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get to Know a Dog Day: Tanner

Hi everyone!

My name is Tanner and I'll be 13 years old on July 3rd. I lived with my mom for many, many years with my other siblings. Unfortunately, mom passed away in May '08, but her daughter, who is also a pet lover & a groomer helped us all out. It seems that a friend of her mom took two of us & Jacque brought us down here to join her two Dachschunds. Jacque still has Shadow, but he's really old, even though he's not that much older than me.
The other guys would taunt me a little & I just took it because I'm not a fighter. One of Jacque's friends made a room in his home for me on July 29, 2008, a little over a year from when he lost his little Nicci, a cute Chihuahua from what I'm told. And that's how I found my way to Marc's house.

I know I'm too big to be a lap dog, but I love cuddling with my friend Marc. He'll throw me the ball or frisbee & I'll bring it back, but won't give it to him. I just want to take it and bring it right back into the house. We go for walks twice a day around the neighborhood & Marc only carries the leash in case he feels that there may be a concern about another animal around. I get to meet the other guys and gals along the way, especially on my evening walk after dinner.

I'm very healthy & Jacque keeps me well groomed. I like car rides when the windows are open & enjoy going to the dog park, but don't really play with the other guys. I'm kind of shy that way. I love eating and sleeping and especially when Marc gives me snacks. Sometimes I try to get him to give me more. I know where they're at & when Marc goes to the kitchen I'll sometimes go and look at the pantry door, hoping that he'll open it & give me another one. Marc won't give me any people food, except an occasional piece of plain chicken or cheese. I know he does this for my well being. I wish he would take as good of care of himself as he does me.

I sleep on the floor under Marc's desk or sometimes on my bed right next to it. In the evenings I join Marc on the couch and I really get excited when it's time to go to bed because after I get to snuggle with Marc, I then go to sleep on the other pillow on the bed. You know, we're pals!

Well that's a little something about me!



Special thanks to Marc Grossman (@mgrossfl) for sharing Tanner's story with us!

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Marc Grossman, GRI said...

Thanks for posting my baby's story. He is such a cool dog & I'm so very lucky!! Well OK, maybe we both are! LOL!!

doglando said...

lol. Thanks for sharing your story Marc.