Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beauty the Beagle Finds a Home

Remember our former "Get to Know a Dog Day" pup, Beauty? Here is a message from our friend Dora whom recently found a home for Beauty the Beagle.

Hi All,

Thanks for everything each of you did to try and find Beauty the Beagle a forever home. We have found a wonderful family for her to live with the rest of her life. She will have a Mom, Dad and 3 other doggie brother and sisters. They just lost their 18 years old Rottie. (do you believe it - a Rottie that lasted 18 years. Wow!) The husband didn't even need to see Beauty's pictures, he said yes right away. I'm happy that Beauty will have playmates all day long and someone to snuggle with all night long.
Again, thanks for all you help!


We are extremely happy that Beauty has found a loving home. Thank you to everyone that showed their support along the way.

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Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Wow! What a nice success story!