Friday, April 17, 2009

In Russia... public transportation goes to the dogs

Many of you know my love for the "street" dogs.... there is just so much about them that I find fascinating and admire.... I miss most their "common sense" which I call "learned sense" in our companion dogs today.

Here is a very cool story on street dogs in Russia: "Street dogs"

What we call "training" dogs out on the street learn as "living life" and its is very interesting how the whole nature vs nurture upbringing really forces a dog's ability to make decisions for their safety vs our dogs find it more fun to run through traffic for us to run after them.... what a fun game the street dogs don't know about huh.

For those who did not get to see my collection of photos from my last trip to India, here are a few tender hearts I encountered:

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Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Hi Teena! Indeed, a very cool story. Wow! These dogs are suvivors. Their natural instincts have really been tuned to our civilization. Incredible! Thanks for sharing!