Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today at the Orange County Animal Control

So you all know how difficult it is to walk through a shelter and see all the poor dogs who are hoping for a forever home before their time is up..... Well I think I am going to try and go to the local shelter at least once a month (if not more frequently) and take photos and videos of the dogs to share them with you all.

Although its tough for me to do, I think in the long run all of us together can help find these dogs homes, without operating on "guilt,sadness or feeling bad for the dog." Maybe through Doglando's network, we can help spread awareness and find these dogs their forever homes.

Today, Jaine, Astrid and I adopted a one year old Border Collie mix. She seems to be just the sweetest dog ever, however very very very timid and shy. We will work with her to build her trust and then find her, her forever home, but for now here are some others waiting patiently with some hope.

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