Monday, April 20, 2009

Joy's Journey

Max's Fund Rescue #2

Today is day 3 of Joy's flight to a happy ending.

We have named her Joy, because she needs and deserves some joy in her life. We found her trembling, frozen with fear at a high kill shelter. Her days were almost up and the sympathetic shelter worker shared that she would not be given extra time to find a home because she was so afraid and considered not likely to be adopted. Yet, there was something in her eyes, a softness there, a pleading for help. We had to take her and help her. Though she is very frightened she has made more progress in the last 2 days than we expected. She is nervous about being petted, but starting to come over to people as you just might have a little bit of roast beef for her. She is incredibly gentle and took a walk on the leash today like a dream, no pulling, just nicely walking. She is pretty and petite at 31 pounds is a very nice size.

We are accepting applications on Joy now, however we will not be re homing her until we are confident she has learned to trust and is responding confidently to the people that surround her now.

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