Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stem Cells Keep Dogs Running

Veterinary clinics across the nation are now offering a stem-cell treatment as an alternative to surgery and painkillers for dogs with arthritis.

Stems cells are found naturally in the body, and can divide into specialized cells to replace worn out and damaged ones in the skin, blood and bones.

Stem cell transplant, is not yet available to humans, but has proven to be quite a treatment for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Pioneered by the company VET STEM, veterinarians remove a small amount of fat tissue from the dog undergoing treatment, where Vet Stem uses centrifuges to extract stem cells from that tissue.

Cells are shipped back to the dog's veterinarian the next day, and these cells are injected into the patient's hip; leading to almost "perfect" health with days of treatment.

Of course, like any medical treatment, all dogs respond differently to such treatment... but its probably worth the $2,500 as opposed to surgery which starts around $5000 and up.

Another alternative to surgery is complimentary care such as a service provided by Dr. Difonzo, with Movement Improvement, at the University of Doglando in, Orlando, FL.

Through Movement Improvement, the combined principles of acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, and video analysis are utilized under the prescription of your animals veterinarian. Dr. Robert Difonzo BS, DC, CVCP has helped to develop this approach to complimentary care with impressive results. With Movement Improvement:

* Sick animals recover better
* Injured animals heal faster
* Competition animals Perform stronger
* Geriatric animals grow old more comfortably
* And much, much, more...

To learn more about Movement Improvement or to schedule a FREE initial exam, contact us at info@doglando.com.

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