Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joy on Day 4

Here is an email I received from Astrid (Joy's Foster Mummy)

First of all let me say I'm really happy and excited to be a part of this project ,THANKS! As you said it is really rewarding... each little step she makes .
I already told Janie this, but I want you to know how fast Joy is progressing :

Yesterday she finished all her food :) and we took our first walk, by the way she is really a nice walker... I wish Lilo walked as gentle as she does. She walked right by my side:) and today she was playing with one of Lilo's stuffed toy , I have to admit this is thanks to Lilo who is trying really hard to play with her :) she keeps bringing her all her toys one by one , and today she gave the first sign of playing , so maybe in a few days Lilo will have a playful friend.

Also she no longer stays in the corner while in the house. Now she walks all over the living room and the back porch but she is afraid of going into the kitchen , but I think it's great she is not hiding anymore.

Today we walked again (Janie, Lexy, lilo , Joy & me) and she did great, although at the end she was really tired, so when she got home she walked into Lilo's crate and slept for an hour :) She is so funny , she hates her crate , but loves Lilo's crate , maybe it is because of the bed, I don't know.

Omar cleaned her ears yesterday as they were really dirty and she had been shaking her head alot. She was so gentle , she just laid there as if she knows it was for her own good, and has not been shaking her head much at all.


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