Thursday, April 30, 2009

An update on Joy... From Jaine and Astrid (foster parents)

Joy is a petite 1 year old border collie mix. At just under 30 pounds,
she is a great size. She was rescued from a high kill shelter by some
of our volunteers, where she sat trembling in her kennel. Her
rescuers inquired about her and she was going to be put down in 2
days. Her allotted time at the shelter was up and she was so nervous
and afraid that the shelter worker told us she would be given no
additional time. We couldn't leave her there. Collies breeds have a
reputation for doing very poorly in shelters. Joy came to us frozen in
fear, she has made a lot of progress, and she has a lot of work to do,
but she is trying. She is skittish and submissive. She comes to those
of us who she is familiar with, but it usually is in her own terms.
She is a sucker for chicken, though).

She is fully house and crate trained with never an accident. She rings
the bells on the back door when she needs to go out. Her house manners
are wonderful, she is very well behaved She walks on a leash like a
dream. She walks right beside you at a "heel" and you could walk her
with your pinky finger alone, as she does not pull at all. She loves
to go on walks. She is extraordinarily gentle in the way she takes
food from your hand.

I wonder if she was mistreated, because she walks so beautifully at a
heel, or was she just never around people? But when you look at that
little face, she is so sweet. She trots away if anyone besides us goes
near her, she will settle down in a few minutes and approach for some
chicken. She has made great strides in the short time we have had
her, with much work to do, but she is making slow and steady progress.
She is very good with other dogs and loves the dog in her foster home
and will play with her. She has even been to Doglando's doggy daycare and is
beginning to play with some of the dogs there.

Joy is a dog who perhaps has been abused or unsocialized and craves a
gentle hand.
We recommend that she is placed with someone with another dog. I
think she would be terribly lonely and unhappy if she was an only pet.

She is interested in people and follows her foster mom around to see
what she is doing. Adopting Joy will be a commitment to patience, but
I think it will be rewarded with a sweet pet in the long run. She
deserves a chance and you will be the one knowing "Joy" when you
receive that first lick, tail wag, cuddle.

Joy's adopter will receive a free training consultation with dog trainer, Teena Patel of University of Doglando.

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