Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Darndest things dogs do.... Wednesdays

Everyday we spend what we love doing most.... help raise dogs in a thriving, enriching and social environment and photography.

Although its hard to find the time to share all the wonderful and amazing photos we take.... (most definitely not coming from my ego.... but all of our Doglando Family); I am going to try and share them with you on Wednesdays to get over hump day!



corby said...

Ruby is looking so much better! I can't tell you how grateful I am for University of Doglando and Max's Fund. Ruby's life was spared and what an incredible dog she truly is. Ruby is obedient, independent, and such a sweet soul. Thanks so much for your compassion towards our four-legged-friends.

BTW, your photography is amazing. It's a real treat to see our dogs playing at Doglando. Your team has created such an incredible element for them to play and interact with each other.

Thanks again Doglando!

Teena Patel said...

Thanks Corby!

We do this only for the pet owners like you guys....who know dogs need to be dogs and allow their dogs to be dogs.