Thursday, June 25, 2009

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How to stop your dog from chewing?

Dog's chew for many reasons. Of course puppies chew when they teeth, but they also chew for the same reasons adult dogs chew:

1. Loneliness or boredom

2. Teething

3. Lack of exercise or outlets to release energy

3. Anxiety

4. Fear or phobia

5. Seeking attention

6. Anticipation

7. Because they're dogs and they learn their world through their mouth (my belief)

8. Curiosity that leads to something fun (another one of my beliefs)

9. Because its something new to their world... you left it where it did not belong (believe me)

10. Environment is free of playmates.... even if you have another dog in the house or multiple dogs this does not account for
playmates necessarily.

So, what can you do:

1. Implement a consistent and daily routine to well excercise your dog

2. Puppy proof your home.............. if you don't want it chewed up, you had better put it up!

3. Confine our dog if you are not able to give him/her your undivided attention

4. Start by giving your puppy freedom to smaller areas and then open up more of the house to him/her as they gain more trust

5. Have A LOT of chew toys all over your house.... I always tell parents of puppies, a good rule of thumb as to how many toys
you have is: if you see more dog toys on your floor and within reach of the dog, than anything for stuff for humans, you are

6. Be sure to have toys of all kinds: squeaky toys, plastic, rubber, rope all kinds of toys

7. Increase your dog's opportunity to mental stimulation. Have toys that will make them think, as well as play games that will
allow for mental stimulation. For example, kongs, fetch, hide and seek etc. Enroll in a dog training class.

8. Consider doggy daycare

9. Instead of feeding your dog out of a bowl, during feeding time take handfulls of food and hide it around a room for your
dog to go find

10. Interact with your dog in a healthy manner. Five minutes a day is not good enough..... five minutes every hour may be the


Dog Responsibly..... University of Doglando

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