Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home of the ".........................." final voting

Dear U of D Family and Friends,
So a couple weeks ago I asked all of you for ideas on what we should call ourselves..... home of the???????

So many of you emailed us with awesome ideas, beyond the idea challenge.... we are so excited about this. Thanks for friendship, love, support and trust you guys are awesome!

Here are the top 10 ideas. Please vote for them by sending us an email at or by commenting on this post.

1. Home of the Scholars with Collars
2. Home of the Cultured Canines
3. Home of the Happy Hounds
4. Home of the Playful Canines
5. Home of the Healthy Hounds
6. Home of the Educated Canine
7. Home of the Free Running K9's
8. Home of Man's Best Friend
9. Home the Happy Bark
10. Home of the Howling Wolf

Dog Responsibly ..... University of Doglando


Abhijit said...

My top 3 picks from all the thoughtful ones:

Home of the Happy Barks
Home of the Playful Canines/ Playful K9s
Home of Scholars with Collars

And throwing in one more idea, which struck me late -
"Home of the Canis Major" (again in the 'Univ' context)

mary said...


I like either Schollars with Collars or the Educated Canine.

But, the truth is, you educate owners a lot more than the dogs - wish there was a clever way to include that!

corby said...

Teena -
I like the:

Home of Scholars with Collars
Home of the Happy Barks

Scholars with Collars works well with your branding - University of Doglando. It's easy to remember and has a nice ring.

Baris said...

Scholars with Collars is great.

Teena Patel said...

Thanks you guys! I think Scholars with collars is going to win... but I have a few more votes submitted by email that I have to tally up.

Will keep you posted!