Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Idea Challenge..... dog lovers, we need your help!

Dear U of D Family and Friends,

We need your help! We are working on tying up loose ends and need your help coming up with an animal, object or figure for our University theme.
We are the University of Doglando, and "home of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."

Get it? Fill in the blank...

Please submit your entries/ideas to info@doglando.com or simply reply to this post.

Winners of the idea challenge will win a 32OZ bag of all natural Happy Hips Dog Treats.

To view current submissions: click on the comments tab under this post.

Dog Responsibly.... University of Doglando



Nilesh said...

I would say, University of Doglando, Home of the Playful Canines!!!

Eileen said...

Scholars with Collars?
Educated Canine?
Healthy Hound?
Cultured Canine?
Best & Brightest?

Melissa said...

Home of the Courteous Canines!

MiMi said...

"University of Doglando, Home of the Happy and Running Free Canines"

Teena Patel said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome entries so far... Keep it going.

Teena Patel said...

Here are submissions we received via email:

Home of the Happy Hounds (from 7 different families)
Home of Man's Best Friend
Home of the K9nights (get it.... its a spin to UCF Knights)
Home of the Hounds
Home of the Mighty Woof Woofs
Home of the Playful Pooches
Home of the Running Ruffians
Home of the Digging Dogs
Home of the Happy Dog
Home of the Smiling Dog
Home of the Waggers
Home of the Happy Bark
Home of the Free

Eileen said...

Oh, I like Home of the Free...a take off on Home of the Brave,etc.

How about "Land of the Cage Free"?

Teena Patel said...

Here are two more:

Home of the Waggers (2)

Home of the Happy Waggers

Keep them coming all.............

Baris said...

Been racking my brain for weeks here, Teena. How about...

Doglando: Home of the Free Range Dogs.

Maybe get a picture of a cowboy and some cattle, then Photoshop Belle's face over the cowboy's. Personally, I can't tell if it'd be a marketing disaster but it would be really cute!