Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In the Jungle, the mighty jungle

At Doglando we strive to introduce new things to stimulate our daycare dogs and here is what we are working on right now... it's called the Doggy Jungle Gym Phase I.

Although we are no where near completion (just wait till you see what we've got working up our sleeves)... our dogs think this is the best thing ever...... "heck with bone shaped pool..... we would much rather have this," says our dogs.

To be continued....

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corby said...

What a great addition to Doglando. I LOVE it!!!! I just wish our dogs were brave enough to play on it instead of under it...then again maybe you built it for JJ & Nellz to have more shaded places to play ;)

FloridaGirl said...

It's Awesome! I'm sure Heidi will have a wonderful time playing on it this summer. She gets so happy when its a Doglando day.

Teena Patel said...

It is safer for the smaller ones to stay on the ground... although if they did go on it it would be exciting.... even for us to watch! It is rather funny to watch the big dogs trying to chase the small ones from up to:)

Heidi is one amongst many of the Doglando dogs that have found this to be so much fun.