Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Turmeric in Dogs

Native to India, Turmeric has been used to treat and heal animals for many many years. Being Indian, and eating all the Indian food I do, I wish all the turmeric in it would count as a benefit to my health.... of course its in its raw form that it is medicinally effective. For the first time, this morning I mixed a tablespoon of turmeric in my juice.... and although it wasn't unbearable..... I don't know that I can keep it up. My brother has it in his OJ daily.... and does not seem to mind it at all.

Herbie, one of our Doglando daycare dogs, gets turmeric in his food twice a day for colitis. Prior to that he was on a lot of different meds and medicated diets which didn't seem to have any effect on his health. Now he is back to eating a healthy dog food, Taste of the Wild and enjoys a table spoon of Tiki Dog on it daily.

The medicinally active compounds in turmeric are known as curcumins. These compounds have been found to have strong antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties.

Here are five different ways in which Turmeric can be used to heal pets:

1. Ever clipped your dogs' nail too short to make it bleed profusely? Dab his/her nail in turmeric.

2. Does your pet have sore, oozy boils or wounds on his/her skin? Turmeric paste can be applied to alleviate the infection rather quickly.

3. If coughs and colds just don't leave your pets alone, mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder along with a pinch of pepper powder, then add honey or jaggery. Take the mixture and feed it to your pet. Do this twice a day and watch your pet get better within hours.

4. If you pet has suffered or is suffering from malignancies and has been operated upon.... feed your dog turmeric daily. Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to your pets food daily and the chances of the malignancies not reappearing are very very very great:)

5. Any pet suffering from hepatitis can be bounced back to health with a does of turmeric mixed with honey twice a day. The yellows will fade right out and with a proper diet (cut out the oils and fats).... there's a good chance of your pet returning to optimal health.

There are so many benefits to turmeric, ask your holistic veterinarian for other uses.

Dog Responsibly..... University of Doglando


Abhijit said...
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Abhijit said...


Talking abt turmeric, Time just published this article y'day, which I came across:
"Can Turmeric Relieve Pain? One Doctor's Opinion"


Check it out..

Teena Patel said...

Thanks for sharing that with us Abhijit. Great Article.