Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hump Day Wednesday....

So instead of lumping it all into one post, I will create two posts for today.

Technically hump days are meant to help all you dog lovers get through to the end of the week, so our goal is keep things exciting and fun today. However, one of our loyal readers sent me a couple links to share with you all.

1st one: Very Very Disappointing, Disheartening, and Ridiculous to say the very least..... here it is

Fire Fighter Kills His Two Dogs ...... prior his cruise vacation.

Of course, our first reaction to these kinds of things is.... the same should be done to him.... unrealistic right? How about at least a penalty that counts! This is crazy! Absolutely ridiculous..... how do you guys feel?

2nd one: Alright all you Paula Abdul Fans, here's your chance to some of her possessions.... a cause for the paws as well.

Paula Abdul Charity Auction to Support the Paws..

Thanks for sharing this with us April (Heidi's Mum).

Dog Responsibly.... University of Doglando

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