Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Success Stories

As part of our Dog Responsibly philosophy, Doglando has made it a priority to assist dog's in need of forever homes. Most of you are familiar with our work and efforts regarding Max's Fund, but from time to time (ok, fine.... more frequently than we would really like to hear), we get emails from individuals who can no longer care for their dogs and are looking for homes for them.

Sometimes these stories are really sad and aggravating, other times its just a stinky situation for both the dogs and their owners.

But today, we are going to celebrate three of Doglando's most recent success stories. But, before I introduce the dogs and their new families, I must thank all Doglando Families, as we feel we have the best clients ever! Every Doglando Family is has always been so supportive of everything we do, and their passion for dogs extend beyond just their own four legged kids. A special thanks to Jaine (Lexie's mum) and Astrid (Lilo and Joy's) mum.... for taking the Max's Fund Project under their wings.

First Story:

Remember Ruby?
Well this little gem has been adopted by Jayden and Nellz' parents. Ruby, now Roxy; was an animal abuse investigation confiscation, and at three months old was on her last day of life, before Jaine saw her and adopted her through Max's Fund. She was so ugly but so damn cute... I remember when Jaine and Astrid brought her to Doglando straight from the shelter, my first reactions was "oh geez! I don't even want to touch her she looks so horrible!" Well of course I did hold her. Mistaken for a hairless Chihuahua or a Chinese Crested Hairless, this poor dog suffered from a really bad case of demodex mange. Just three weeks of treatment and a daily massage using the epi pet spray, Roxy has almost recovered. She has developed a thick, deep red coat all over her body (with still some more to go) and a white patch on her chest.... she is a true gem. Miss Independent, is the proud new kid of Holly and Corby.

Second Story:

Just a couple days of having Roxy, Jaine calls me with another three month old pup. This gorgeous girl, surrendered to Doglando due to a divorce, very quickly called Doglando her home. Lilly, a three month old Yorkshire Terrier, now second doggy kid of the Craigns and sister to dog Romo (Doglando Dog), has her entire family wrapped around her tiny self. She is full of life, a bully to Romo, and a trouble maker, but who cares, cos she to is so cute!

This is how this story went down.....Susan (Mum) tells me she would one day like a dog she can carry around. She may have said that with little intent of actually getting another dog, but I just kept it at the back of my mind. Well, what do you know, three or four days after that comment arrives Lilly. I called Susan immediately and said "remember......... I have your dog, will you be picking her up tonight?" This story was not supposed to be made public, so at least keep it from her husband Dell.....lol!

Third Story:

Jeanne (a vet tech that helps out at our low cost vaccines) knows about my love for GSD's. She received an email from an acquaintance of hers, asking for help in finding her two dogs a new home. We posted this story on the blog a couple weeks ago... the one and half year old German Shepherd girl, and her sister (mix, black).

One of our blog readers posted the link on her facebook page.... and what do you know we had our first meet and greet through that! Although that did not lead to an adoption, again... another one of our Doglando Families quickly jumped at the opportunity to meet these two lovely girls. Sam (GSD) and Zoey (mutt) were officially adopted this past Sunday, by Baris and Kerri.... Zen and Belles' parents. I helped Baris and Kerri introduce the new addition to their family this past weekend, and it was just awesome how they all got along so well (even Zen Dawg)...... very very cool ending! Literally..... just before I left all the paws were in the pool.

Thanks Doglando Family and Friends for helping us Dog Responsibly.


corby said...

Doglando the things you do just amazes me. Holly and I are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to be Roxy's forever home. I have had dogs all of my life and I have never had a puppy that is as well-behaved as her. Thank you so much for all that you do :D

Teena Patel said...

Thanks for all your support Holly and Corby!

And even more, thank you for giving Roxy girl a forever home.

Nimesh P said...

Thanks again to the U of D family for coming together when dogs need you the most. There is no better feeling then knowing that we have the best clients anyone could ask for.