Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pawduct of the week.... Fridays

This summer Hot Spots (and battling ticks) have been two major concerns for pet owners. I recently came across another awesome product called the K9 Klear Up.

I am quite skeptical to try new things on my own dogs, especially when I have found something that works well on them... but when I found about the K9 Klear Up, I ordered a sample and kept it on hand to give it a shot.

Dax, as you all know suffers from major skin issues induced by the environment. We keep the allergies controlled by feeding him Orijen, keep him well groomed on a weekly basis, and I recently started his first Detox for this year.

Three weeks ago we went to the vets because Dax's skin, especially on his belly took a toll on him. It was probably the worst I have ever seen it, and for the first time his skin issues spread around his eyes causing hair loss. Allow me to cut the long story short.... we get there and the vet tells us we have to get him a prednisone shot, and lists a whole bunch of other things I needed to have done. The estimate was well over $800. Now, I don't mind the cost, but according to our conversation that may not get me the answer I am looking for .... what the heck is the cause of this? Even if we did the allergy testing!

I opted not to go with the prednisone shot and all else she wanted to prescribe, because I knew how to get rid of it in a more kinder way to his body... I just did not know how to prevent it.

I got home and thought I would take this chance to try the K9 Klear up, especially for around his eyes. Withing four applications (twice a day) the redness around his eyes was gone, he was not itching them any more, and you could see tiny hair follicles pushing their way up around his eyes. I then tried the K9 Klear Up on his arm pits, which was the worst part of his body... and with in days it all started disappearing.

Today, I have Dax still going through Detox, but I must tell you all.... you have got to order this product and keep it handy. It is awesome, easy to use, leaves no mess, and works! If Dax could talk, I am sure he would vouch of it too!

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