Thursday, July 23, 2009

Training tips.... Thursdays

My dog eats in 2.2 seconds.... maybe even faster.... what do I do?

Is your dog a Lab? That would be my first question lol. It seems that no matter how much you feed these guys its just never plentiful.

Here are 5 ways possible solutions to slow your dog down when eating;

1. Toss the kibble in a scattered pile on the floor. Trust me, this is the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to handle this problem. Many pet owners cringe when I say this (its the whole idea of eating off the floor that is bothersome I guess). But, it works.

2. Feed out of the Eat Better Dog Bowl. The raised inner wishbone like structure, does not all dogs to pound at the food or lap it up swiftly preventing them from acting like Hoover or Kirby (No offense to Doglando's Hoover and Kirby.... two labs).

Available at Doglando for $20.00

3. Hand feed your dog. Although time consuming, this is a great way to also build a strong relationship with your dog. You can choose to give them a kibble at a time, but if that had to be me with Wyatt or Dax (my two GSD's) I think it would be an all day event. I would recommend you feed them a fist full at a time, but at the same time teaching them to be gentle, and patient.

4. Make them work for their food. Instead of feeding them from a bowl, make him/her work for their food.... tell them to sit and stay, walk away to another room, then call him/her Or have the lie down, then place a trail of kibble in a horizontal line in front of the dog, then release the dog and let him collect it up.

5. Wet the food. Prior to feeding your pup, soak the food in a bit of hot water and allow the kibble to soften. I personally would not choose this option for an adult dog, but works very well for puppies.

If you have tried any of the above with great success.... or have other ideas, please share them with us by commenting on this post.

Dog Responsibly..... University of Doglando

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corby said...

I got the Eat Better Dog Bowl from Doglando for my dog that would inhale her food in less than 2 seconds. The bowl works great! At first she would still inhale the food but wouldn't be able to eat as much at a time. After a day or two she started to slow down.

I highly recommend this product!