Monday, November 23, 2009

I met Stedman...

So, how crazy and cool is this! And, as many of you may know... I am not even a groupie, or a fanatic about famous people, but I was super excited about meeting Stedman.

Thanks to one of our clients, Holly (Jayden, Roxy and Nellz's mum) I got to attend Stedman's Seminar on "Identity" at the Fullsail University.

This was such an incredible seminar, and what an inspiring fellow he is, and of all the people in the world who can talk about the importance of developing an identity for your self, what an irony that he is.

Here is a person, who has his own identity challenged every single day. No matter where he is, who he is talking to or who he encounters, everyday he is "Oprah's boyfriend." When you talk about the importance of developing an identity for yourself, you are not talking about an identity based on someone elses' work, aspirations, desires, dreams, goals, visions, wealth and fame... you are talking about your own.

Before starting the seminar, Stedman handed us a mike, and asked for us to introduce ourselves, by name and where we are from. We were not even 10 people into the introductions, and someone stands up and says, "Hi, my name is so and so, and I am from such and such, and I just want to say I am Oprah's biggest fan... I love her, I love her show... blah blah blah."

So here is a man who's identity is constantly challenged by our society, by the media, by everyone... but the fact that he knows "him," the fact that he trusts himself, admires himself, knows what makes him happy, knows what he wants for himself, knows what his dream is, he is confident in himself to make that happen, no matter the barriers and challenges the world throws at him.... This is not what he said, but it is what I gathered from his seminar.

I could write a series of posts on "My Day with Stedman" as I spent lunch and an hour break time with him (amongst 5 others).... he is truly a very inspirational man.

Thanks Holly!

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