Friday, November 20, 2009

Ticks.... Doglando Safety Measures

Just as we prepare ourselves by spraying "OFF" or some sort of a mosquito repellent before hiking through the woods, as of today, all Staff at the University of Doglando will be encouraged to "roll" around in Neem Oil before entering the main Doggie Day Care areas.

Okay well not literally "roll" but we will pat ourselves (the bare parts of our bodies) with Neem Oil as a precautionary practice to prevent exposure to ticks.

As for the dogs, all dogs attending, dog training classes, dog boarding, dog grooming or doggie daycare at Doglando are required to be on a monthly Tick and Flea Preventative. In addition we will offer to spray every dog down with an All Natural, organic neem oil spray that will help repel ticks and fleas. This spray is not be solely relied upon for dogs attending daycare at Doglando as we will only be offering this as an additional source of prevention.

Dog Responsibly.

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