Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dog Orlando... Fun bike trails

Thank you April for sharing this link with us. April, her husband Tim and their dog Heidi (Doglando Dog), recently did an 8 mile bike trail at the Blanchard Park in East Orlando.

You may ask, how in the world were they able to keep Heidi by their side, without pulling them off the bike.... well I have the answer. They purchased a Springer Bike Attachment from the University of Doglando, hooked it up to their bike, and the other end to Heidi and off they went.

What a great way to have the entire family involved, and most of all a "tired pooch."

Let me know if you know of other trails or dog friendly places in Orlando. I am compiling a list to share with all our readers.


Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Wow! Amazing! Sounds like fun and great exercise for the dogs! you think any of my dogs would resist 8 miles? ...!

Teena Patel said...

lol..... the only one that would keep trying is coco.

ervimy said...

The bike attachment has been a lifesaver for us and it is one of Cort's favorites! We usually bike through the neighborhood but we've gone on the Cady Way trail and the Seminole Wekiva trail. Though at the pace he insists on running with the bike he'd never make it 8 miles!