Friday, January 8, 2010

Max's Fund

On Monday we went to the Orange County Animal Services to check out the dogs that are up for adoption. Of course there are a heck of a lot.... and no question about it that many would make great great companion dogs.

But amongst my list was a 4-5 year old, GSD/Collie/Huskie/Aussie mix. To say he is stunning is to say the least. To say he seemed to have the best soul ever, would be offensive to most of us as we feel our own dogs also have that "best soul."

For so many reasons beyond words, I was super attracted to this chap. I told Jaine to keep an eye on him, because I did not want him to be put down, but I was certain someone would take him in a heart beat. So we waited.

Yesterday we made another trip... to go see an 8 year old, a hairless mangy skin and bones type of dog... who was in so much pain, so cold and so weak she could barely keep standing.

Of course we put an application on her. On our way out, I had to go see my most favorite dog... he was still there, and his time was up yesterday.

So no questions asked, we took him with us. Normally there is a wait on the dogs, but he was ready to go, fixed, up to date on all shots and ready to go.

Listen, you all know I am surrounded by so many dogs daily. I love every dog... I love the word dog, the meaning dog, the dog, all dogs.... but this guy... he is just something so special.

I have a very unique assessment for dogs that I would consider for myself... and this guy passes it why don't I keep him.

So here is my reason...

1. I have three dogs, as a responsible dog mum this is all I can handle.
2. As a trainer, I hear so many people wanting "good dogs" or they had "such great dogs before this one" or families "waiting for the perfect dog"
3. I am sure there are so many families looking for dogs that are easy dogs, potty trained, calm, obedient, noble, angelic, tolerant of a lot (especially kids), happy to just exist.... this is the guy.

So I thought through Max's fund we need to pull him out and find him a home that he can be a part of forever!

His name is Mazae. He is up for adoption, but truly only to the best and greatest of families.


Becky said...

This dog is truly GORGEOUS! I wish I could take him :(

Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Wow, how come I cannot see a picture?...
I am praying that the other skin & bones doggy gets to you soon. I wanted to ask you anyways, about the dogs in the shelter and the current weather conditions. I know they sleep on cement, but do they have blankets, at least, for now? How are the conditions? It breaks my heart.How is it possible to help with material things (blankets) and not just money?
Yes, Teena, as the owner of 4 dogs, I understand so well the desire to help and have as many dogs as I possibly could fit in here, but I know it's not as easy task...Now I'm waiting for a picture!