Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Off Leash Training

A dog's life is better off leash.

How do I teach my dog to be off leash? There is no command for off leash training. It's a relationship based lifestyle. It requires two things:

1. A Relationship: A dog that loves, respects and understands it's owners has this relationship because the owner has learned how to properly fulfill his/her dog's needs.

2. A lifestyle: An owner that continuously, diligently and every day provides an opportunity for his/her dog to be a dog and satisfies its dog's needs lives it as a lifestyle. It is not based on time, other agenda, weather, fatigue or laziness.

To have a dog you can trust to be off leash, requires giving the dog the opportunity to be trusted. From the moment you bring your young puppy home, it is completely capable of imprinting on you, and if give the opportunity, it will. Our fear of traffic, or the puppy taking off prevents us from ever teaching them to stay by us. There is a reason why all animals are born very small if you don't teach the dog when it is slower than you, manageable in size and easier to control, it does not get any easier with age.

Convert to an off leash lifestyle you will find yourself enjoying the true pleasures of canine companionship.

Dog Responsibly.

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