Monday, January 3, 2011

Ear Infections in Dogs

What causes ear infections in dogs?

What kinds of dogs are most prone to ear infections?

Many dogs are prone to ear infections. Espeically those dogs with floppy years; the moist, dark environment is the perfecting breeding grounds for cultivating bacterial infections.

Dogs who grow hair in the ear canal, are also prone to ear infections. This hair must be plucked as part of their regular grooming care. Many groomers don't pluck this hair, and although it causes some minor discomfort at the time of plucking, it is so much more relieving for these dogs, when done.

Dogs prone to ear infections are also subject to allergies, and vice versa. Many dogs that suffer from chronic allergies, suffer from chronic ear infections.

Dogs that spend a lot of time in water are also at risk of ear infections.

But, most of all, dogs on poor quality foods and commercial grade diets are most at risk of ear infections. The grains and yeast added in the foods are the culprits for ear infections in pets. One of our vets told me once, that he feels more than 75% of the visits he sees in in his patients are as a result of their nutrition.

What are some of the signs of an ear infection?

Smelly ears
Moist ears
Redness in ears
Warm ears
A dog that shakes its head
A dog that rubs its head/ears on carpet
Scabs around the opening of the ear
Waxy residue
Loss of hearing
Loss of imbalance

How should I deal with my pet chronic ear infections?

I would first and foremost recommend you take your pet to your vet (a holistic one if you know of one).

1. Some ear infections must be treated with a course of antibiotics first. All ear infections can be prevented with the following care:

2. Regular cleaning of the ears: Including plucking of ear hair. You can use 1 part distilled vinegar to 3 parts water and flush the dogs ear with it.

3. Change of diet. Switch to a grain free, or premium pet foods. A food that has no by products, cereal, corn, soy, yeast. Do not use grocery pet foods or any commercial grade diets. I would recommend: Orijen, Acana, Innova, Evo, Merrick, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Great Life, and most of all RAW PET FOODS.

Here are some website that you can refer to for more detailed information:

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