Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IMHO- Temperament & Construction

Continuing from the series of posts from last week, this week I will speak IMHO (In my humble opinion) on temperament and construction of pure breeds, and the reasons for which we certain breeds of dogs suffer from medical issues that have never been spotted in their breed historically.

I want to begin my giving you this example: is any surgery on humans without risk? If I were unhappy about the loose skin under my eyes (which I don't think I have lol), and received Botox treatments to correct those wrinkles, would this be without any side effects or long term changes/damages?

The example of Botox treatments, is of course something quite minor in comparison to the extent at which some people will go to change an external feature/characteristic about them, that they "perceive" as unattractive.

My point is, as a society we are so concerned about looks, and we are equally concerned about the looks of our dogs. On Sunday (Jan 31, 2010) I received a call from a lady who wanted to give up her Chihuahua. Her reason was, she had always wanted a Chihuahua she would carry around "like the one Paris Hilton has you know?" I did not know, but okay. So what happened??? Well this Chihuahua has grown to be 10-12lbs and "it" (she meant he) is not what she thought "it" would be.

Point taken?

Back to my humble opinion. There are two groups of people in this. Ones who directly effect the dogs, and ones who carry a "perceived notion" of attraction. Those who directly effect the dogs, manipulate through breeding to create a type of a dog that is going to be perceived as cuter, therefore making them more marketable to those who are impulsive, easily captured by the cuteness factor, least understand the purpose of the dog and the purpose of the breed, and those who may have other issues (which I will not get into).

I have all three of my dogs, Dax (GSD), Wyatt (GSD), & Tag (Dachshund) partially because I thought they were cute.... so I am not excluded from either one of those two groups YET.

As a result, breeders (here I am referring to any group or individual who is involved in creating puppies. My definition for them, for the purpose of this post is: scientists through trail and error, experience, generalization, inaccurate assumptions, and without knowledge of construction, structure and its effect on temperament...the lack of scientific education); know not the recipe to for construction, structure and its effects on temperament, but know indeed the recipe to create the "unique" color/color patterns, squashed faces, more wrinkles, wide heads, abnormal overbites, white eyes, blue eyes, pudgy bodies and everything else that defines cuteness.

This week I will share with you origins of certain breeds, and what we have made them today. I will share with you my thoughts how these dogs have evolved over time for the worst, and although I am not a veterinarian, scientist or involved in animal testing of any sorts, I hypothesize that the physical, structural and cosmetic changes in these breeds, may be the cause of the many medical issues our dogs face today vs. historically.

My second hypothesis is that due to those changes, the breeds temperamental characteristics have also evolved, thus making them a breed quite different from the original.

Hope you enjoy this weeks blog posts.


Becky said...

this sounds so interesting! can't wait to see which breeds you decide to focus on!

Teena Patel said...

Glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading....