Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo Challenge

One of the thing I love most about training is the relationships I build with pets and their parents. When I first started training dogs, I opened a school called Love 4 Paws, which then changed to Good Cause Four Paws, which then changed to University of Doglando (which is a KEEPER). This was all over 12 years ago.

Since some of my first training classes to now, I frequently receive emails/funny photos/ and updates on the dogs. This is my favorite part... Granted I don't get to meet them in person often, I live vicariously through their stories and photos.

Last weekend I put up a photo challenge, and Erin (Cort's mum) sent me this photo! i must say, it is one of the cutest ones I have received.... maybe because this is all CORT! He is a goof!


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