Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dog friendly vacations

Are you already planning your summer vacations. Here are some really cool dog friendly camps for short holidays.

Camp Winnaribbun

On the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada Campers have the opportunity to participate in obedience, agility, herding, tracking, nature talks, massage therapy, wonderful campfires with smores and storytelling and much, much more.

Camp Unleashed
Located in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts this camp offers several sessions throughout the year. Activities include relaxing, hiking, swimming, sampling dog sports, learning canine massage and more.

Camp Dog Wood
Camp Dogwood takes place in Ingleside, Illinois.

Camp Dogwould
Near Perth, Ontario this camp offers a bit of everything, Tellington Touch, Reactive Dog Modification Class, Obedience, Fun Games & Tricks, Flyball, Agility, Freestyle, Rally and more.

Barking Hills Country Club
Where every human must be accompanied by a dog. A place for owners and their dogs to work, learn and play. Activities include obedience, lure coursing, agility, flyball & carting. Also active in Pet Assisted Therapy programs and can be a resource for your group or facility.

Camp Barking Hills
Camp Barking Hills in Hackettstown, New Jersey is a weekend camp for dogs and their
owners to play, learn new things and explore a variety of activities they might not
have had the opportunity to experience. Camp Barking Hills wants to give people the
chance to explore activities and sports with their dog in a relaxing atmosphere.

Dog Days of Wisconsin Summer Camp
A place where you can relax and have a good time with your dog. Participate in one of the scheduled activities or just watch the sun set on a hill with crickets chirping around you ... all with your canine best friend at your side. The camp is at Camp Helen Brachman located near Stevens Point, Wisconsin in Portage County, about 140 miles northwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Canine Club Getaway
Located at Northern Catskills, New York this camp offers a variety of dog activities and seminars.

Camp Gone to the Dogs
Perhaps the most well known of the dog camps. This Vermont camp offers a week long session with introductions to flyball, herding, agility, clicker training, canine nutrition and more.

Glen Highland Farm
Morris, NY. Glen Highland Farm offers a variety of experiences from a simple on-your-own getaway to a six day group camp to a camp for kids and assorted mini-camps and seminars.

Bark!Here Dog Camp
Located in North Texas It is a scheduled three day weekend with your dog.

Wag It Camp
Based in Lincolnville, Maine the focus is on agility competition skills

Gunflint Lodge - Dog Lover's Weekend
Northeastern Minnesota

Paws and People Camp
Bozeman, Montana scheduled for a single weekend it offers hiking, canine trail etiquette, wilderness first aid and other outdoor fun.

Maian Meadows Dog Camp

Gig Harbor, Washington

Dog Paddling Adventures
Enjoy paddling, hiking and winter adventures (whether a beginner or experienced), while at the same time enjoying a bonding experience that is truly unique. Share the beauty of Ontario's finest waterways.

4-H Paws n Pals
In Western Maryland this is a camp program for kids and their dogs - or they can borrow a dog if they don't have one of their own.

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